Mar 6, 2013

officially become a student back

Hi readers or passer by
Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera,

Now, im in part 5 already.OMG.supposed to be finished within 3semesters.
Only 3among my 20++ classmates grade  on time.hee.
Already took for a special leave due to my maternity leave :)
Now I must proceed with my dissertation.
By hook or by crook the thesis must be completed within these two semesters
*lap2 peluh*

hopefully everything will be completed smoothly.

this week is among of the hectic weeks due to practical observation after 3days of medical leave due to diarrhea.
lots of things in my mind and nothing has finished yet.

wawwww entry in english kah?hahaha
♥dengan penuh kasih sayang♥

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